Barbara & Kelly have undertaken a range of commissioned work and would be happy to discuss any ideas or designs or 01752 364918


Devon Farm Business Awards

Mother & Daughter Glass have been commissioned to produce the Devon Farm Business Awards in association with Devon County Agricultural Association, Addington Fund & Stephens Scown for three years.

These nine individual awards with their undulating tops when placed together form one large landscape.

Large Fin

Three layers of shaped glass with hand-painted polynesian inspired turtle design, incorporating the iconic New Zealand Fern.

Set into a plinth made from reclaimed wood.


Name plaques created for a special Beach Hut.

The lovely BLUE SALT family had only a few requests, sea themed, fish, boats and a seagull or two!

Commissions made for a lovely family with an abundance of stories to share.

Tree with Poem

The Large Triptych Tree with its winding design teams-up with an empowering poem which gives reference to the watchful Gypsy Caravan. 


The Family Scene.


'The Family' wall plaque has colourful and lively letters. Within the grass bank sits a rabbit, a mole, three snails and a family of mushrooms.

Not forgetting the two butterflies! Each tiny detail holds a memory or family story.   



Wave Commission

This hand-painted wave was commissioned for a special ladies 50th Birthday.

The wave fuses together her love for the sea and her passion for teaching Yoga.

Symbols of Strength, Harmony, Peace, the Lotus and the Om are delicately placed within the rolling wave.

To complete the commission a set of 4 co-ordinating coasters were also made.   


Golden Wedding Anniversary

This large dish was created as a gift for a 50th Wedding Anniversary.

Inspired by the couples love of nature, the cow parsley was chosen but with an added twist of yellow flower heads to represent their Golden Wedding Anniversary.

Lighthouse Commission

Created making use of reclaimed wood provided by our client. 


Surfboard Commission

Three layers of shaped fused glass with hand-painted frog and turtle designs.

Set into a handmade circular wooden plinth.


'Remember me' 

Made using wispy green and teal blue glass with a hand-painted design and wording.

This thoughtful gift was given to celebrate 25 years of priesthood.